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About Graham

And that's great. But it doesn't really tell you much about me. 


If I had to let you know something about me, I would tell you that once I have agreed to work with you, your child or your school, then I will always, always do my very best for you. Put your trust in me and I will not let you down. Simple as that.

When I left the NHS and decided to start up my own Independent Practice, I decided straight off that it would have to be run on a strict ethical basis. I have two simple rules that I always follow:



1. I only ever take on work if I think that it is actually of benefit to someone. 



2. I only ever take on work if I know I can do it really well.



And those are my guiding principals. 

When you call me, I will make absolutely sure that I am what you need.   


I will always explore why you feel that Independent Therapy is the best choice for you. 


If I think that input is not needed yet, I will tell you. 


If I think there is another Therapist who is better suited to your needs, I will tell you.


So please call me, we can usually sort out the majority of issues over the phone.


And that's free. 



Graham Small


On this page is a little background information about me.


My ASLTIP page says:


"I have over 18 years experience of working with children and young people with a wide range of communication issues. I can provide a flexible service to suit your requirements: detailed assessment and report, one-off therapy session, regular input, or in-school training for staff. I am experienced in many areas, but specialise in developmental speech and language difficulties, including stammering, articulation problems, dyspraxia, and phonological & language delay/disorder. I deliver down to earth, fun, and effective therapy and training, in your home or your childs school. Please feel free to call 01568 613407 to discuss your childs therapy needs."




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