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"That was the best training session we have ever had."

Worcester Head Teacher


"My daughter thought Graham was lovely and chatted away to him for ages. He got her to do the things he needed like this, which I thought was a lovely way to deal with children."

Herefordshire Mum

Training is the keystone of my practice.


Head Teachers, I will train your staff to identify children with Speech and Language needs - we can't help your children until we've found them.


Parents, I will train you in the daily games and activities you will use to help your child's development. 


I will build your knowledge and expertise, and I will make you confident enough to work effectively and efficiently with both your own children and the children you care for in school and nursery.

Usually, the first session with a child who is referred to me will involve assessment. 


Assessment can take many forms, but the end result has to be a gathering of enough information so a diagnosis may be made, and subsequent input decided upon.


Ideally, the best assessments are fun and engaging for the child, and I consider it a success if they don't realise they've been assessed.


"Graham was a lifeline for our girl, and she always used to say if things got really bad or she couldn't cope, do a 999 and call Graham. He was always able to make her laugh and get her back on track."

Worcester parents

Any Therapy that is decided on will be designed specifically for your child's needs.

You will be a part of that Therapy, whether you are parent, carer, TA or teacher. 

The goal of any Therapy is to promote change, and it is therefore dynamic in nature.

I expect you to be in frequent contact with me through any period of Therapy, no matter how frequent my visits to you.

If we are not seeing change, we need to reassess what we are doing and why we are doing it - that is why there is no charge for telephone calls.

Specialist Work

"Mr Small exhibited a huge amount of knowledge and skill when dealing with our son's severe dysfluency. After each visit we were provided with a set of exercises and advice on assisting our son's progress. We still refer back to that advice when problems recur."

Worcestershire parents

No Therapist can be good at everything. 

If you come to me with an issue I am not totally confident about, I will tell you, and help you find a specialist who can help you.

However, there are a few areas that I am really good at. 

So, if your child has an issue with:

  • Stammering (or Stuttering, or Dysfluency - same thing)

  • Voice problems

  • Speech sound issues (phonology)

  • Problems being understood when talking (possibly Dyspraxia)

  • Selective Mutism

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

Then give me a call, and we can talk it through.



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