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I realise that self praise is no recommendation. It also feels a bit odd, telling you how brilliant I am, but you might want to read some of these!  By the way, these really are things people have written - I've got the full versions at home if you want to see them!

Head Teacher - Worcester School


"I found Graham not only to be a consummate professional but his understanding of children and their needs as human beings was second to none. Whilst the knowledge and understanding in his chosen field of expertise was excellent, what impressed me more was his inner drive to do the best for children. 

I sincerely believe that if all those in the sphere of education held the same single-minded, child-centred focus along with the same compassion and professionalism that Graham demonstrated whilst working with the children in my school then the world of education would be in a much stronger place."

Teacher - Worcester School


"As a Speech Therapist in school Mr Small was of the highest quality - the best we have ever had! He was always professional, calm, honest, thorough and extremely informative. He had a wonderful manner with the children. His expertise was extensive and he was always happy to share his knowledge with members of staff.

Every now and again we are fortunate to meet someone whose dedication and inspiration for their given area stays with us forever. Mr Small is just such a person!"

SENCo - Worcester School


"Mr Small is an extremely approachable and proactive therapist. He has had a really positive impact on the school. He always demonstrated excellent knowledge and provided whole school training which was very practical and of a high quality. All members of staff who came into contact with Mr Small found him very approachable, helpful, and his support and guidance has been invaluable."

Head Teacher - Worcester School


"Not only did Mr Small have an extremely good grasp of his area of expertise, but he was one of those rare individuals who is able to empower others with an understandingof how to help the pupils overcome their difficulties. My staff all liked and respected Graham and felt reassured when he was dealing with one of their pupils. Graham struck me as someone who always put the needs of the pupils first and someone who worked tirelessly for their benefit."

Parents - Malvern

"Mr Small initially paid twice weekly visits, and during these he was able to communicate and engage very effectively with our son, and enable him to make progress. As parents we were always invited to be present so that the whole family could work on a solution. This was a dark time for our family and Mr Small was our lifeline. Our son later said that Mr Small always gave him the quiet reassurance that he would conquer his stammer and this, in time, happened."

Mum - Herefordshire

"Mr Small's reports were professionally written and extremely accurate, with positive suggestions for improvement in many areas of education. Armed with these reports I had the confidence to approach the school to ask for the assistance needed in the specific areas hitherto neglected. The school was very impressed and acted accordingly."

NHS Speech & Language Colleague

"If my children were to need therapy, he is the Therapist I would want."

SENCo - Worcester

"Graham delivered a number of training sessions to both teachers and assistants which they still refer back to now as being some of the most informative and engaging training they have been given. The training had a clear impact on TA confidence in understanding and working with children with speech and language difficulties. His wealth of knowledge and ability to share this with colleagues was outstanding."

Head Teacher - Evesham

"Graham has run excellent staff training sessions in my school, and has run clinics in school which have been extremely valuable. Having experienced working with many Speech and Language Therapists during my career I can honestly say that Graham has been the most effective."

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